How kinky can you get?

I’ve explored a diverse range of BDSM kinks and fetishes, each offering unique experiences centered on power exchange, trust, and exploration. These experiences are both stimulating and create opportunities for intense emotions, fostering intimate and thrilling encounters. Each kink presents something different and exciting, enabling me to fully embrace my dominant role while providing a safe and welcoming space for submissives to explore their own submissive desires.

AB/DL is an acronym for Adult Baby/Diaper Lover. It encompasses a kink involving regression to a child-like state. It can manifest through activities like dressing in baby clothes or wearing diapers. It’s essential to differentiate between adult babies and diaper lovers. Adult babies desire treating them as actual infants. Diaper lovers enjoy wearing diapers but may not wish to engage in full baby role-play. Most AB/DL enthusiasts incorporate age-regression activities.

I adopt a role that is both strict and nurturing. I acknowledge all your needs and desires. We must have clear boundaries and rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Examples of my guidelines are proper hygiene, balanced diet, and assigned tasks. You’ll receive as much care and affection as I can give.

The possibilities for AB/DL play are extensive. It includes age-regression like coloring, watching children’s shows, or crawling as a baby. I may suggest you stay diapered 24/7. It would be more fun if you develop a baby-like voice and a baby vocabulary.

All our activities will involve consent and safety. I’ll tailor our daily routine to your individual preferences and needs. Some AB/DLs prefer occasional play, while others opt for more frequent play. We can devise a schedule or routine that aligns with your lifestyle and desires.

Regular check-ins are fundamental to our dynamic. This involves sharing images or videos of you as an AB/DL.

My main goal is to furnish a secure and affectionate space for you to explore your AB/DL side. I am committed to guiding and nurturing you. I will also provide the structure and boundaries that contribute to your enjoyment. If, at any point, you feel uneasy or need a pause, your comfort and consent will be my utmost priority. We will find a way to proceed that suits both of us.

Sissification is when a male submissive transforms into a feminine persona. He does that by activities like cross-dressing, applying makeup, and adjusting his behavior. Sissification is often accompanied by elements of humiliation, objectification, and various power dynamics.

It’s important to distinguish between a sissy, a cross-dresser, and a transwoman. A sissy enjoys exploring their feminine side as part of their submission. A cross-dresser wears clothing usually associated with the opposite gender for various reasons. A transwoman identifies as a woman and may undergo medical transition. It’s crucial to respect and understand the distinctions between these identities.

I am an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. It’s important for individuals to be able to live with respect and dignity.

Sissification is alluring due to the power dynamics and gender roles involved. It shifts the power dynamic, allowing for increased control. A male presenting as female can be very erotic and pleasurable. I can give you a safe and consensual environment to explore your feminine side. Sissification enables me to express my dominance for my submissives’ obedience and submission.

Here are some examples of engaging sissy tasks:

  1. Dress in your finest sissy ensemble and perform a seductive striptease

  2. Craft a playful and sissy-themed love letter to your celebrity crush

  3. Be chaste for a designated period and compose reflections on your sissy identity

  4. Devote time to perfecting your walk in heels

  5. Create a personalized sissy shopping list to enhance your femininity

  6. Share daily selfies showcasing your outfits for feedback on your femininity

  7. Develop a short story or poem chronicling your sissy transformation journey

  8. Capture a video of yourself dancing to a sissy-themed song in lingerie

  9. Collaborate on a sissy bucket list

  10. Practice proper manners and etiquette

We will start with a detailed discussion of your desires and limits. Then, I’ll create a customized plan tailored to your interests and comfort level. Regular communication will ensure your sissification will meet your needs and wants. Our collaborative efforts can aid you in becoming the best version of your sissy self.

Humiliation is prevalent in BDSM. It is acts or statements intended to embarrass or shame the submissive partner. This can manifest in verbal and physical forms. Verbal humiliation is usually using degrading language or assigning embarrassing tasks. Physical humiliation may involve donning humiliating attire or exposure in public settings.

Degradation is a more intense form of humiliation. It aims to reduce the submissive partner to a subhuman status. This includes treating them as animals, making them eat from a pet dish, or watersports.

I value open communication and the establishment of clear boundaries with my submissives. We will discuss our comfort levels, preferred activities, and limits. Safe words are mandatory.

Here are examples of humorous and humiliating tasks:
Dress in a funny costume and parade in front of the camera while receiving instructions
Compose a heartfelt love letter expressing your fantasies then read it aloud
Sing a song while adorned in a funny hat or wig
Dance to a song while wearing only your underwear
Role-play a scenario and follow my directives
Eat an unpalatable food and give me detailed descriptions of the taste experience
Disclose a personal secret or an embarrassing detail about yourself
Perform a task that induces discomfort or mild pain
Venture into public settings to fulfill a humiliating task
Create a piece of art or written work that underscores your submission and devotion to me

These examples represent a fraction of the various tasks I assign to my submissives. Each task is entertaining and humbling.

Enforced chastity can be an eye-opening experience for submissives. It’s something worth trying at least once. I control my submissives’ sexual activities. I ensure they can’t masturbate without my permission. This keeps their sexual desires in check and focuses their attention on pleasing me. Denying their orgasms create emotional detachment from sex and reinforces their submissive role.

Unlocking them after a period of chastity leads to an intense mental shift. At first, it might feel a bit overwhelming, but it soon becomes a routine for them. They stop missing regular sexual releases and find it hard to go back to their old ways.

For beginners, I start with short periods of chastity. It’s rewarding to see them begging for release, testing their willpower and endurance. Chastity can enhance intimacy and stamina, but it requires patience and determination.

There’s a variety of chastity devices to choose from. Common ones are the traditional cock cages and chastity belts. These devices create a sense of helplessness and reinforce my control.

I use apps like igloohome and Kidslox to manage chastity online. I always give my submissives my contact information in case of any issues.

There are consequences if my submissives break the chastity rules. The severity of the punishment I give them is proportional to the infarction. I usually punish them with an extended period of chastity. Blaming or shaming isn’t my style; I emphasize personal responsibility and self-control.

Submissives interested in enforced chastity should be open-minded and ready for the challenges. Going back to a life of easy sexual gratification after being chaste for so long can be difficult. Enforced chastity can be a rewarding journey if you’re patient and determined.

Role-playing can be more fun compared to conventional encounters. The connection and empathy render each moment as both memorable and transformative. Role-plays with heightened realism are entertaining, thought-provoking, and amusing.

Central to sexual encounters is the satisfaction of all participants. This also applies to role-playing. My goal is to introduce fresh ideas, prompting you to explore and devise your own scenarios.

For a first scenario, a wife discovers her husband’s inclination towards being feminine. In an unconventional twist, she supports and encourages his feminization. It fosters his inner contentment. Such a response from a wife is far from common. The acceptance of cross-gender roles still remains a somewhat contentious issue.

The second scenario features a CEO and his female secretary. The secretary discovers the CEO is wearing a diaper beneath his formal attire. This revelation prompts the secretary to be in nurturing role. Their dynamic transcends the conventional boundaries of employer and employee. It evolves into something more profound.

This second scenario has a discernible power exchange dynamic. The secretary assumes control, and the CEO submits. Preferences can evolve over time, especially when mutual satisfaction is at the core. BDSM thrives on pleasurable roles and the gradual expansion of boundaries. BDSM scenarios are often deemed unconventional in everyday life.

I encourage you to experiment with role-playing. It can infuse excitement into your intimate experiences. Embrace the adoption of new personas. Explore uncharted territory. Venture beyond your comfort zone. The aftermath can leave you feeling exhilarated.

You may discover a renewed curiosity within yourself. The ability to mold a submissive’s psyche is satisfying. There can be surprises, or resistance might arise. They contribute to the discovery of new pleasures.

Different individuals have distinct preferences in their relationship’s balance of power. Most prefer equality, while others, derive pleasure from hierarchical dynamics. Giving rein to your imagination can be an enjoyable pursuit. Free yourself and pursue satisfaction.

Always remember the importance of consent. It’s the bedrock of any intimate encounter. Take the opportunity to make your desires tangible here and now. Create experiences that endure as cherished memories.

Stay vigilant for opportunities that present themselves. Be prepared to embrace them. For, as cliché as it may sound, every occurrence in life has a purpose. Follow the paths that bring you joy. Someday, you may find yourself in an unexpected and extraordinary place. I did. I hope you too will encounter remarkable experiences.

It’s important to understand the dynamics and implications in CBT. Most people find their genitalia sensitive and arousing. CBT can result in an automatic erection. It might even lead to ejaculation. It’s essential to approach it with care and responsibility.

CBT can elicit powerful reactions in submissives. The stimulation of their genitalia can lead to their mind grappling with arousal. Even a gentle touch can trigger a rush of sensations and induce an orgasm.

Tying the cock and balls together can intensify sensations. It’s essential to use a suitable material such as string or a rubber band for safety. I start CBT by instructing subs to squeeze their testicles as hard as they can. That usually results in groans that release adrenaline, heightening the experience.

CBT techniques include punches, exposure to cold and hot substances, and blunt instruments. CBT implements include clothespins, weights, needles, ice cubes, candle wax, and electric devices. The impact and sounds are powerful. The cock and balls are resilient enough to handle such beatings.

Exploring different sensations and patterns is integral to CBT. What works best can vary from person to person. Communication is key for both parties to derive pleasure from it. The goal is to maintain a balance that keeps submissives edging until they beg for release. It’s crucial to ensure safety and avoid practices that could lead to permanent harm.

Technology is in a perpetual state of evolution. It is always reshaping the manner in which we interact with it. The internet has proven to be a transformative force. The term “TechnoDomme” is a portmanteau that merges “technology” and “dominance”. It involves the use of technology to manage the domination of willing submissives.

There are many methods to control another person’s computer. I found a synergy between TeamViewer and Salfeld. I use them as an integrated solution. While alternative options exist, these two applications align with my specific requirements.

TeamViewer allows me to establish remote access and control over a submissive’s device. It enables me to observe the submissive’s screen and execute various commands. It includes functions like lockdowns, reboots, input restrictions, file transfers, and more.

Certain features within TeamViewer are extreme. They may not be suitable for all individuals. I enjoy posting on my submissives’ social media accounts. It’s also fun to change their Windows theme and force them to watch porn.

A financial submissive or “paypig” may give me access to their financial applications. They give me the authority to do money transfers during a session. Some paypigs relinquish control over the amount transferred while others prefer gradual depletions. The unicorn is when a paypig allows me to drain their balance to zero.

Salfeld serves as a parental control software solution. The Salfeld Portal’s left sidebar has self-explanatory features.

“Device Limit” sets time limits, blackout periods, and break intervals. It also sets unrestricted access to specific apps or websites. For example, I can impose restrictions during sleep hours.

“Web Filter” operates in either Blacklist Mode or Whitelist Mode. Blacklist Mode blocks sites based on predefined categories. Whitelist Mode only allows access to sites from a predefined list. Age rating-based website access can also be set. Majority of submissives prefer adult content sites blocked.

“Programs” manages installed applications based on blocking, time limits, and restricted access. Programs can also have age rating-based restrictions.

The “Screenshots” tab generates a visual log. It captures periodic screenshots of the submissive’s screen. Occasional inspections of screenshots help identify non-compliant behavior and apply appropriate restrictions.

“Security” offers advanced settings like disabling Windows commands and concealing drives. Such stringent measures are rarely requested by submissives.

The “Email Report” tab facilitates the emails sent to the registered email address.

“Reports” offers periodic reports summarizing configured settings. I prefer checking these reports over the summarized email reports.

“Settings” contains information about the Salfeld account. It manages account changes such as password or email updates. It also includes other software front-end settings.

“TAN Vouchers” allows the creation of time-limited access number vouchers (TANs). A submissive can use these numeric codes to gain device access for a specified duration. For example, a submissive can use a one hour TAN to get an extra one hour use of his computer.

“Sync” ensures the proper functioning of Salfeld on the submissive’s device.

“Logout” enables the termination of the logged in session.

The integration of TeamViewer and Salfeld gives me tremendous power over submissives’ devices. Both applications offer free versions that have essential features crucial for computer takeovers.

I follow these steps when using TeamViewer to takeover a submissive’s computer:

1. I get the submissive’s TeamViewer ID and password. I give him a link to the TeamViewer download page if the application is not yet installed.

2. I input the submissive’s TeamViewer ID and password to establish a connection.

3. I access the “Extras” menu on the submissive’s TeamViewer window. Then, I select “Options”.

4. In the “General” tab, I enable “Start TeamViewer with Windows”. This ensures TeamViewer launches upon startup.

5. Still in the “General” tab, I associate the submissive’s TeamViewer account with my own. This grants me remote access. I confirm the assignment by following the steps in the email from TeamViewer.

6. I expand the advanced options in the “Advanced” tab. I set a “Personal Password” only I will know. I use this personal password to connect to the submissive’s computer. This is more convenient than asking the submissive for the latest session password.

7. I check the “Disable TeamViewer shutdown” box. This ensures TeamViewer remains active as long as the computer is on.

8. I enable the “Changes require administrative rights on this computer” option. It signifies that only users with “Administrator” privileges can change TeamViewer’s settings.

9. I set an “Options Password” in the adjacent input area. This password restricts access to the “Options” menu and safeguards the customized settings. Like the personal password, only I will know the options password. I will have exclusive control of the “Options” menu.

10. I create a password-protected “Administrator” account for myself. This will prevent the submissive from undoing the changes I made in TeamViewer. Then, I relegate the remaining accounts to “Standard User” status.

11. I reboot the submissive’s computer for the changes to apply.

12. I establish a connection via TeamViewer using my “Personal Password.”

13. I log in to my administrator account to confirm functionality. I log out of my administrator account to prevent unintended alterations.

14. I access the submissive’s “Standard user” account. Majority of submissives give me their Windows password.

The final step involves installing Salfeld, a straightforward process. During this phase, I assume the role of the “parent”. The submissive becomes the controlled “child”.

It’s easier when submissives take part in the process. Open communication is crucial. It allows submissives to express their consent and boundaries. They become aware of the increasing level of control I exert. It arouses them when they learn of my increased dominance over them. I can further assert my authority by customizing elements of their Windows sessions. For example, I can turn a sissy baby girl’s Windows theme into pink and change her cursor into an erect cock.

A computer takeover requires a high degree of trust between dominants and submissives. My guiding principle is that submissives submit knowing their safety is paramount. I adhere to ethical principles and refrain from actions that could be harmful.

Submissives must exercise caution and discretion. Don’t share your TeamViewer ID and password to the public. Vulnerability on the internet carries inherent risks. Unscrupulous people would exploit you. Safety and prudence should always be a priority.

Please share this if you found it informative and insightful. Please credit my website or mention my name if appropriate.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with TeamViewer or Salfeld.

Many relationships between Dommes and submissives are healthy, happy, and long-lasting. When done right, degradation can help strengthen D/s relationships. Degrading the submissive is something I enjoy doing on occasion. I set rules to ensure a satisfying experience for me and my submissives.

Humiliation is about embarrassing the submissive. It doesn’t always involve degradation. For example, making fun of submissives in front of other people. I can have them wear nothing but a sock on their cocks to make fun of them.

Degradation is when I dehumanize submissives by treating them as less than human. I relegate them to an object-like or animal-like existence. Verbal abuse, like shouting insults at them, is a form of degradation. That may sound too extreme for most people, which is why limits must be set. I don’t go beyond my submissives’ limits. I do my best to get them to tell me their limits.

I don’t degrade all submissives. I need to know what my submissives want first to help me determine how I should interact with them in the future. I prefer dominating a submissive in a way that we both enjoy. It’s easier for me when I know them well because I know their limits and triggers. It allows me to tailor the degradation to them and make it more personal.

Examples of Verbal Degradation

1. Bitch

2. Slut

3. Whore

4. Slave

5. Pig

There’s a fine line between consensual play and consensual non-consent. I’ve met some submissives who thought they didn’t have limits and they could consent to everything. Later on, they realize they do have limits. Some submissives are unsure how to say their safe word for fear of disappointing me. I check in on them from time to time. A simple “How are you?” goes a long way. I gauge their feelings without breaking the fantasy of consensual non-consent.

Examples of Messy Degradation

1. Biting

2. Spitting

3. Peeing

4. Scratching

5. Hair pulling

I’m very critical when I degrade submissives. I understand how my actions can have negative consequences for them. I encourage exploration of different D/s dynamics, but I always make sure it’s within our comfort zone. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Controlling someone’s sexual experiences can be a source of empowerment and pleasure. It is gratifying to have a willing partner who submits to my desires. One of my preferred methods of orgasm control is edging. Edging is stimulating them until they are on the precipice of an orgasm. I use a variety of techniques including teasing, denial, and Jerk Off Instructions (JOI).

 I start edging a submissive by teasing them until they become aroused. I pause every now and then to allow them a brief respite. The pauses serve to frustrate them and to intensify their desperation for an orgasm. I continue edging them with JOI. I always compel them to decelerate as they approach their climax. I keep going until I am satisfied that they have earned the privilege of having an orgasm.

Edging is an effective form of teasing characterized by anticipation. It gives the submissive a glimpse of pleasure without immediate gratification.

I sometimes use edging only to deny a submissive’s orgasm. I may relent and grant them permission to climax after a period of denial. It all depends on them meeting my criteria and amusing me with their earnest pleas.

There is a unique allure in observing submissives following my instructions. The command to “stroke your cock” appears to be a particular favorite among them. I narrate sensations and suggest provocative scenarios. I also incorporate other fetishes and elements of humiliation.

Submissives often focus on genital stimulation. They treat their penis as if it were a source of nourishment. I enhance their pleasure by using JOI that cater to all their erogenous zones. Any part of the body can be an erogenous zone. While the genitals take precedence, I include nipples, testicles, the anus, and so on.

Cum Eating Instructions (CEI) offer an engaging means of humiliation. It allows me to maintain control even after their release. I have instructed submissives to consume their own cum from various vessels. I allow newcomers to mix their cum with food or beverages to mitigate the taste.

Submissives often express their arousal. It is straightforward to engage extroverted submissives in edging practices. I have honed my ability to predict what will push a specific submissive towards an orgasm.

There’s a captivating and often misunderstood BDSM facet known as toilet play. This provocative and boundary-pushing facet involves urine and feces into the play session. It may be unconventional but it can also be an empowering and arousing experience.

A golden shower involves a dominant urinating on a submissive. Scat play involves the incorporation of feces into various acts of submission. This can manifest in forms like smearing, consuming, or utilizing feces. Both activities symbolize a power exchange and the submissive’s surrender to their dominant. These intimate acts elicit feelings of vulnerability, submission, and intense arousal. Engaging in them requires thorough communication, trust, and proper hygiene.

Toilet play allows submissives to embrace their “nasty” side in a controlled environment. I have ordered some submissives to place their excrement in their refrigerators. That symbolizes a relinquishment of control and the deepening of their submissive mindset. It evokes intense emotions and a heightened sense of vulnerability. It strengthens the bond between me and my submissives.

I sometimes encourage submissives to engage in public humiliation scenarios. For example, I would instruct a submissive to urinate or defecate in their pants in public. That creates an exhilarating blend of sensations and heightened submission. I order public activities with careful considerations of legality and consent.

Surfing the Internet can be challenging. Its unrestrained and unpredictable nature means we can find things outside conventional rules. This prompts us to reflect on the potential consequences of our online actions. It includes the possibility of intimate moments becoming public knowledge.

Some people seek online exposure to get attention and validation. They are often driven by exhibitionist tendencies. They submit themselves in pursuit of recognition and affection. They derive satisfaction from the knowledge that others are watching them.

The people seeking online exposure do not always condone abuse or harassment. They usually seek validation, support, and encouragement from their admirers and followers. But, negative comments and criticisms are an inherent part of such exposure.

Getting exposed online necessitates an understanding of consent. Consent signifies a voluntary agreement to allow exposure. It is not a demand or imposition but rather a personal choice. One can revoke consent at any point, with due respect for one’s decision. It ensures that all parties involved engage in an enjoyable experience. There shouldn’t be any coercion or pressure.

Consensual exposure demands a thoughtful evaluation of one’s desires and limits. The decision to engage in it is very personal. It intertwines with one’s exploration of sexuality and self-identity. The safety and comfort of all parties involved should always remain paramount. I encourage you to have open and honest communication in case any discomfort or unease arise.

Consensual blackmail is a role-play wherein a submissive gives compromising information to me. The submissive consenting to this role-play allows me to release the information.

Consensual blackmail needs careful consideration because of the sensitive nature of the information. I always approach it with a high degree of responsibility to ensure the avoidance of any harm. I differentiate consensual blackmail from illegal and reprehensible forms of blackmail. Real blackmail is illegal due to the absence of full and informed consent.

Submissives asking for consensual blackmail often do it for power exchange and submission. They derive pleasure from my control and domination. Other submissives enjoy embracing vulnerability when I disclose their sensitive information.

In some cases, consensual blackmail may involve the establishment of a formal agreement. It is often referred to as a “contract” between the dominant and submissive parties. This contract outlines the specific terms and conditions of the information exchange. It includes details about duration, nature of the information, tributes, and limits. Clear and open communication ensures both parties understand and consent to the contract. This minimizes the potential for harm or imprisonment.

Consensual blackmail does not grant the dominant the right to abuse the submissive. All activities and behaviors must still be consensual. I am available to provide guidance through the process in a responsible and safe manner.

Here are some examples of my approach:

1. Role-playing:

I create immersive scenarios for having compromising information about the submissive.

2. Online Monitoring:

I may request access to their email, social media accounts, or other online platforms. This lets me track their activities within the agreed-upon boundaries.

3. Psychological Pressure:

Consensual blackmail prohibits actual threats or non-consensual actions. I may use psychological pressure techniques to control my submissives. Controlled fear or the illusion of exposure or public humiliation works best.

4. Contracts:

I may ask the submissive to enter into a consensual blackmail contract. This contract serves as an agreed-upon document that delineates terms, expectations, and boundaries. It ensures that both parties have a comprehensive understanding of the rules. It also provides a foundation for trust and communication.

I use these techniques and tools to create a consensual and fulfilling experience. Ongoing open communication, consent, and respect are indispensable throughout the entire process.

Consensual blackmail may not be suitable for everyone. The success of a consensual blackmail experience hinge on consent, trust, and respect. It is very personal and intense. I hold your privacy and confidentiality in the highest regard. I will treat any information shared with the utmost discretion and respect.