How kinky can you get?

I have explored a diverse range of BDSM kinks and fetishes that have provided me with unique experiences and allowed me to push boundaries. These kinks all revolve around power exchange, trust, and exploration. Each one offers something different and exciting.

AB/DL, Adult Baby/Diaper Lover, allows me to take on a nurturing and caretaking role, which I find deeply fulfilling. The vulnerability and innocence of the dynamic create a powerful and intimate experience for both parties involved.

Sissification’s process of feminization, including makeup, clothing, and behavioral changes, provides a playful and creative way to explore gender roles and power dynamics. It challenges traditional masculinity and allows for the fluidity of gender identity to be explored.

Humiliation allows me to assert my dominance and power over my partner. It can be a form of catharsis for both parties involved and requires a great deal of trust and communication to be successful.

Chastity play arouses me because I can control my partner’s sexual pleasure and desire, which is good for teasing and denial.

Role-playing is versatile and exciting. It allows me to explore different power dynamics and personas. The element of creativity and imagination involved in role-playing makes it a fun and playful experience.

CBT, cock and balls torture, gives me a way to explore the limits of pain and pleasure, creating an intense physical sensation.

TechnoDomming is a thrilling and innovative kink.

Degradation allows me to explore the darker side of BDSM and push boundaries of power and control. The emotional intensity and psychological impact of degradation make it a powerful and transformative experience for both parties involved.

Orgasm control allows me to indulge in my dominant side, using techniques such as edging or ruined orgasms to prolong my partner’s pleasure and desire. The element of control and anticipation involved in orgasm control makes it a thrilling and arousing kink.

Toilet play is a taboo kink that can be both degrading and humiliating for the sub, involving aspects of power exchange, which is a key part of BDSM.

Consensual exposure and blackmail are both thrilling kinks that involve a high level of trust and vulnerability on both sides. They provide a way to push boundaries and explore power dynamics in a consensual context.

The BDSM kinks and fetishes I enjoy all provide unique experiences that revolve around power exchange, trust, and exploration. They allow for intense emotions and the creation of intimate and thrilling experiences. Each kink offers something different and exciting, and through exploring these kinks, I am able to fully embrace my dominant side while providing a space for the sub to explore their submissive side.

Goddess Marple's Kinks - AB/DL

AB/DL stands for Adult Baby/Diaper Lover, which is a kink that involves regressing to a child-like state, either through dressing up in baby clothes or wearing diapers.

The difference between an adult baby and a diaper lover is that an adult baby wants to be treated like an actual baby, while a diaper lover enjoys wearing diapers but doesn’t necessarily want to act like a baby. Some people who enjoy ABDL kinks may also enjoy age-regression activities, such as coloring in coloring books or watching children’s shows.

I’m both strict and nurturing. I understand that you have needs and desires that need to be fulfilled, but I also believe that it’s important to have boundaries and rules to keep things safe and enjoyable for both of us.

As your Mommy in an ABDL play scenario, I will have a clear set of rules and expectations for you to follow, such as maintaining good hygiene, eating healthy, and completing any tasks or assignments that I give you. These rules will be designed to help you feel cared for and loved, while also reinforcing the idea that I am your caregiver and you are my little one.

In terms of fun baby tasks that I might give you, the possibilities are endless! We could engage in age regression activities like coloring in coloring books or watching children’s shows together, or I might have you practice crawling or walking like a baby. I could also ask you to wear a diaper and take pictures of yourself in different positions or have you practice speaking in a baby voice.

It’s important to remember that everything we do will be consensual and safe. Before we start our play session, we will have a thorough discussion about your limits and boundaries, and I will make sure to respect them at all times.

Our day-to-day routine will depend on your individual preferences and needs. Some ABDL players prefer to engage in play sessions only occasionally, while others prefer to engage in more frequent and immersive play. We can discuss what works best for you and create a schedule or routine that fits your lifestyle and desires.

We’ll check in with each other regularly to make sure that we are both feeling happy and fulfilled. I might ask you to send me pictures or videos of yourself in your ABDL gear, or we might engage in virtual play sessions where I give you tasks or assignments to complete.

As your Mommy, my goal is to provide a safe and loving space for you to explore your ABDL desires. I will be there to guide you, nurture you, and provide you with the structure and boundaries that you crave. And if at any point you feel uncomfortable or need to stop, I will respect your wishes and work with you to find a way to move forward that feels good for both of us.

ABDL play can be a fun and rewarding experience for those who enjoy it. As your Mommy, I will be strict but nurturing and will do everything in my power to make sure that you feel loved and safe throughout our play session. We will work together to create a routine and set of activities that work best for you, while always prioritizing your safety and comfort.

Goddess Marple's Kinks - Sissification

Sissification is transforming a male submissive into a feminine or sissy persona through various means, such as cross-dressing, makeup, and behavior modification. It can also involve humiliation, objectification, and other forms of power exchange.

The difference between a sissy, a cross-dresser, and a transwoman is that a sissy is someone who enjoys exploring their feminine side as part of their submission, a cross-dresser is someone who wears clothing typically associated with the opposite gender for a variety of reasons, and a transwoman is someone who identifies as a woman and may undergo medical transition to align their body with their gender identity. It’s important to understand and respect the differences between these identities.

I’m an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Everyone deserves to live their life authentically and be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of their identity.

Sissification is hot because of the power dynamics and the exploration of gender roles and identities. By transforming a male sub into a feminine persona, the power dynamic shifts, and I can exert even more control over them. Additionally, the act of dressing up in feminine clothing and accessories can be highly erotic and pleasurable for the sub, who is able to explore their feminine side in a safe and consensual environment. Sissification allows me to explore my dominant side and to push my subs to new levels of obedience and submission. Of course, every sub is unique and has their own particular qualities that make them interesting and enjoyable to work with.

Here are some examples of fun and kinky sissy tasks:
1. Dress up in your prettiest sissy outfit, complete with makeup and wig, and perform a seductive striptease for me.
2. Write a love letter to your favorite celebrity crush, but in the most embarrassingly sissy way possible.
3. Wear a chastity device for a week, and every time you feel tempted to touch yourself, you must write me a paragraph about why you’re a good sissy and how you can improve.
4. Practice walking in heels for an hour each day until you can do it gracefully.
5. Create a sissy shopping list for me, including lingerie, makeup, and other items you think would help you look and feel more feminine.
6. Send me a daily selfie of you wearing a pretty outfit, and I will rate your femininity and provide feedback on how to improve.
7. Write a short story or poem about your sissy transformation journey, including your hopes, fears, and desires.
8. Film yourself dancing to a sissy-themed song in your lingerie and send me the video.
9. Create a sissy bucket list of activities you want to try, and we’ll work on checking them off together.
10. Practice good manners and etiquette, as a proper sissy should always be polite and well-behaved.
11. Download Grindr and let me help you find men you can do sexual activities with.
12. Do anal training with a buttplug and a dildo at least once a week.

We will start by discussing your desires and limits in detail. From there, we’ll create a personalized plan to explore your sissy side, incorporating a variety of activities and tasks tailored to your interests and comfort level. We will communicate regularly to ensure your needs are being met, and I will always prioritize your safety and well-being.

Your training will be centered around exploring and embracing your sissy identity. Whether it’s discussing your progress, giving feedback on your sissy outfits and makeup, or assigning new tasks and challenges, we will work together to help you become the best sissy you can be.

Goddess Marple's Kinks - Humiliation

Humiliation is a common practice in BDSM that involves acts or statements that cause the submissive partner to feel embarrassed or ashamed. This can take many forms, such as verbal humiliation or physical humiliation. Verbal humiliation may involve the use of degrading names or being made to perform embarrassing tasks, while physical humiliation may include being made to wear humiliating outfits or being exposed in public.

Degradation, on the other hand, is a more extreme form of humiliation that involves the submissive partner being made to feel less than human. This can include being treated like an animal, being forced to eat from a pet dish, or being made to perform degrading acts such as being urinated on.

While there are similarities between humiliation and degradation, they are different in the level of intensity and the emotional response they elicit. Humiliation can be seen as a form of psychological control, whereas degradation is more focused on stripping the submissive of their humanity and treating them like an object.

I establish clear communication and boundaries with my submissives. This includes discussing what activities we are comfortable with and what limits we have in terms of the type and intensity of play. I also establish safe words that can be used to indicate when a particular activity has gone too far and needs to stop.

Here are ten examples of the funniest and most embarrassing kinky tasks that I’ll give to humiliate you in an online domination session:

1. Dress up in a ridiculous costume, such as a pink frilly dress or a Halloween costume, and parade around in front of the camera while I watch and instruct you.

2. Write a love letter to me, expressing your deepest desires and fantasies, and then read it out loud to me while I watch.

3. Sing a song of my choice, such as a nursery rhyme or a pop song, and do it while wearing a silly hat or wig.

4. Dance to a song of my choice while wearing nothing but your underwear.

5. Act out a role-playing scenario with me, such as pretending to be my slave, and following my every command.

6. Eat something gross or humiliating, such as baby food or dog treats, and then describe to me how it tastes.

7. Reveal a secret or embarrassing detail about yourself, and then repeat it over and over again to reinforce your humiliation.

8. Perform a painful or uncomfortable task, such as slapping yourself or biting your own hand, while I watch and direct you.

9. Go out in public and perform a humiliating task, such as wearing a sign that says “I SUCK COCK” or asking strangers for embarrassing favors.

10. Create a work of art or a piece of writing that expresses your submission and devotion to me, and then share it with me for my approval.

These are just a few examples of the many kinky tasks that I assign my subs. Each task is designed to be both fun and embarrassing, allowing my subs to fully explore their submissive desires while they’re under my control.

Goddess Marple's Kinks - Chastity
Enforced chastity is something submissives should experience at least once. It’s fascinating because many things come into play. I have physical control over their body. I make sure they can’t masturbate until I give them permission. It controls his sexual drive and makes him focus on pleasing me. They experience emotional detachment from sex when they’re not allowed to climax. It puts them right back down on their knees. It shows how much I care for them especially if they are new. There’s a mental state change that happens when I unlock them. They feel amazing but sometimes it takes them time to acclimatize. They might not feel good at first but soon, it becomes a habit for them. They will no longer miss having regular releases or return to a normal life.

I teach newcomers about chastity by locking them for short periods of time. I increase the locked periods in increments. This allows them to go a little longer without orgasms. I love seeing my submissives beg me to let them cum that it hurts and almost breaks their resolve. They learn that chastity can make everything better, stronger, deeper, and last longer. It takes patience and determination. It becomes a fun challenge to try and break their wills over and over again.

There are a wide variety of devices a submissive can use to remain chaste. The standard metal or plastic cock cage comes to mind, but there are other options available. I’ve had submissives who like wearing a chastity belt that only covers their genitals. Some submissives prefer cages around both cocks and balls. That leaves their ass open for penetration. Others like leather hoods that leave their bodies exposed for stimulation. A few submissives enjoy multi-part chastity suits. These suits’ purpose is usually to keep clothing in place. They give a very erotic feeling of helplessness. I own them completely and can do anything I please with them whenever I want.

I ensure chastity by using remote timer apps because I’m in Asia and most of my submissives are abroad. I can schedule their locked periods, so I know how much freedom to allow them. I take the added precaution of making sure my submissives have all my contact details on hand. They might get stuck somewhere or lock themselves out of their devices somehow. They would need me to rescue them. Having access to a tech-savvy friend who knows how to fix a problem could save a lot of hassle later down the road.

I punish my submissives when they cheat during their chastity training. If they jerked off, I lock them up for a longer period. That’s not always necessary because most of them crave long term chastity. I dole out punishment when it’s warranted. I punish my submissives depending on the severity of the infraction. More severe infractions result to more serious penalties. I can prolong their chastity for days or longer. I order them not to masturbate without my permission. The one thing I never do is make someone feel bad about something by blaming them. He has done something wrong, period. It’s his responsibility to either stop himself before it’s too late. He has to wait until he’s permitted to cum again. I administer punishments only after a thorough discussion. I explain to them consequences of breaking rules.

I expect submissives to be open-minded. They should be willing to try anything that may help them overcome reservations. Most submissives don’t know what they’re missing until they experience enforced chastity. They find it very difficult to go back to a life where sex is available and orgasm is easy to come by. Chastity takes patience and determination, both of which are essential qualities for BDSM. But if you’ve got them, then I say jump right in and see if you can handle all the benefits!
Goddess Marple's Kinks - Roleplaying
Role-playing in a BDSM setting is much more enjoyable for me than the vanilla version. Connection and empathy make it easier for me to enjoy the scenes more. They elevate every moment from mundane to memorable. These moments can become very intense and very real—sometimes too real. But they are also fun and interesting, and they can be hilarious sometimes.

I’ll give you examples of common role-play scenarios and I’ll add BDSM twists to them. My intent here is not to “show” people what I’ve done. My goal is not to describe a specific set of actions that must take place for you to call them sex or kink. I want these descriptions to get you thinking about possibilities.

What should matter most when having sex is that both people enjoy it, no matter the position. The same holds for role-playing. I’m not going to write about how humans can fuck each other. This will be about introducing you to some new ideas so you can think of your own.

The first scenario I’d like to share with you is one where the wife finds out her husband is a sissy. She helps him explore and develop his feminine side. She wants nothing less than to make him happy with his true self.

I want to be very clear here—this is not something most wives would do if they found out their husbands were sissies. The reason for this is not that they wouldn’t go to such lengths to help their man discover his inner woman. Despite its ever-evolving sexual norms, our society still does not embrace cross-gender roles.

The second scenario involves a CEO who has a female secretary. One day, his secretary went into his office to deliver his coffee. She drops his coffee on the floor and they both try to clean up the mess. She notices that he’s wearing a diaper underneath his suit pants. She decides to have some fun with him and starts babying him. She makes sure he gets some comfort from his situation and lets him know that he’s still the boss there. She uses her superior knowledge and her feminine wiles to get him to agree with her every whim. As the scene progresses, they become closer than ever. They form a relationship that transcends the usual employer/employee relationship.

This second scenario has a not-so-secret ingredient. It has a power exchange dynamic. In other words, the secretary is in control of her boss who is surrendering to her. That’s about as BDSM as you can get! So while your initial reaction could be “No way! I’m not going to take orders from anyone!” give it time; things will change as long as everyone wants them to. The beauty of BDSM is when we finally find our roles pleasurable. We will feel safe and secure enough to push the boundaries even further. We end up playing out scenarios that no sane person would want to do in real life.

I challenge you to try role-playing to liven up your kinky side. Try dressing up like a character you like or being someone you never thought you’d act like. Do something you wouldn’t do, or go somewhere you’d rather not. You may come back feeling awkward and excited afterward. This is often the case, especially if the idea was so taboo and strange to begin with.

You may find yourself getting curious again. I love scenes like the first one. I love it when I take the submissive man’s mind into my hands. Then I molds him into whatever I want him to be. There’s no gag order on what I do. Sometimes he’ll surprise me. Sometimes he won’t be as easy to mold. It’s all part of discovering a whole new world of pleasure for both parties involved.

Most people prefer gender-balanced relationships. Others like me enjoy having one person in charge of another. No matter which type of dynamic you prefer, I can assure you that it’s fun to let your imagination run wild. Do whatever pleases you and your partner most at any given moment. You’ll find yourself wanting to do it all the time! If you can imagine it and talk about it with your partner, then why not do it?

Always remember that consent matters. There are almost no limits when it comes to enjoying each other. Don’t ever feel limited by preconceived notions of what things should be like “in the real world.” Make them real right here and now and give yourself an experience that will never fade away.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities that present themselves. When opportunity knocks, don’t miss the chance to answer the door. Because, as cliché as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. Keep going down those paths that make you smile. One day, you’ll realize they’ve led you somewhere unexpected and awesome. You might end up finding your niche and becoming exactly who you want to be in this life. I know I did. I hope you’ll have some wonderful experiences of your own soon!
Goddess Marple's Kinks - Cock and Balls Torture
I can be ruthless when I torture cock and balls. I want you to know that now before we read any further. This may not seem like such a big deal until I explain what this actually means for the sub. Most men find their cocks (penis) and their testicles quite sensitive. They are also incredible sexual organs. Torturing the cock and balls can cause an automatic erection and even ejaculation! I would hope you get something out of reading all about my various methods and tips and tricks. It’s exhilarating to watch another person get pleasure from suffering.

Torturing the cock and balls can make a man’s entire body tense up because he gets aroused. When I play with a sub’s balls, he usually reacts like when someone tickles their foot under the table. It’s unsettling and exciting all at the same time. His mind tries to resist and ignore what’s happening, yet every inch of him wants stimulation. A soft touch can set his blood pumping through his veins and force a release into his system. It can create amazing new forms of pleasure.

Tying up the cock and balls together can help a sub feel intense sensations. My subs use a piece of string or a rubber band. I make sure it’s thick enough so it doesn’t cut off circulation or slip off. I start CBT by making subs squeeze their balls as hard as they can. I tell them I love it when I hear them groan. Pain creates adrenaline, which heightens sensations and creates arousal. Punches, ice baths, hot sauce, etc. for the cock and balls are fun. 

I’ve made some subs use a hammer’s blunt end to hit their cocks and balls. The hammering produces loud thumps that echo across the room and make subs flinch at the sound of impact. There are very few places on the human body that can handle such forceful hits. The cock and balls are very resilient!

Implements for torturing cock and balls are diverse and creative. Clothespins, weights, needles, rods, hot liquids, and cold liquids are popular. Candle wax is good for CBT because it heats up and sticks to the skin when it cools down again. The smell of melting wax is quite tantalizing to a sub. Some devices can electrify cock and balls. Whips and floggers are good choices too. I always try new things until I find what I and my subs enjoy doing together. They’re all fun but some of them can cause permanent damage, which is why I prefer to stick to the safer methods. I’m happy to use a variety of toys as long as I get the reaction I’m after. It’s almost impossible for subs not to feel pleasure when I toy with their cock and balls.

I have made subs wedge their cocks between two objects. I once watched a sub try to do it with his refrigerator door, and he said, “Too short. It’s too short. Sorry Mistress”. I accepted that, and I made him do it several times between his toilet and the seat cover. He had me laughing so much that day because he was groaning in agony as soon as he closed the seat cover. When he finally finished, I asked how it felt. Without hesitating, he told me, “Ohhhh, Mistress, thank you for making me put my cock in there.”

Controlling my subs’ orgasms via CBT is effective. Some subs need a little more guidance than others, but most are very easy to control. My goal is to keep them on the edge of orgasm without letting them actually experience one until they beg for one. That makes them horny beyond belief. They’re always begging for permission to cum which will end their torment.

As you can see, I find all types of CBT play to be erotic, arousing, and stimulating. It’s all about setting up certain patterns and rhythms that will keep my subs on their toes. I make sure my subs are safe whenever possible and only use things that won’t maim them in any way, shape, or form. I use various techniques to explore different kinds of sensations. I want to find out exactly what kind of torture works best for each sub. I strive to provide a good mix of variety and intense pleasure. That can turn a man into a quivering mass of jelly underneath me.

Subs should consider CBT if they have the chance. For those who already have, you already understand how important it is for you to know your own limits. A sub has to be honest with himself about what type of pain feels great. He has to know where he draws the line between “too much” and “not enough.” Subs should ask questions such as, “How far am I willing to push myself?” “What do I need to do to get closer to the climax?” “When do I need to stop?” and so on. Knowing one’s personal boundaries is essential to BDSM. Take a moment to think before you try CBT.

Remember not to rush this and always listen to what your body wants and needs. Doing that will allow you to learn what works and doesn’t work for both parties involved. Both of you can experience pleasure together while pushing past your limits at the same time. Never forget the most important thing when you try something new: enjoy yourself! The rest will follow!
Goddess Marple's Kinks - TechnoDomme
Technology is constantly ever-changing, and so is the way we use it. The internet has transformed our lives in ways that are still being discovered and explored. TechnoDomme is a portmanteau of “technology” and “domme.” Being a TechnoDomme is BDSM play where technology helps me dominate submissives.

There are many ways to have control over someone else’s computer remotely, but my favorite is a combination of TeamViewer and Salfeld. I’ve been using TeamViewer and Salfeld like a married software couple for years. There are many alternatives to them but they are the best for what I need.

TeamViewer grants me remote access and control over a submissive’s computer or smartphone. TeamViewer allows me to watch what the submissive can see on his own screen and use my own mouse and keyboard for inputs to his device. I can use TeamViewer for lockdowns, reboots, blocked submissive inputs, black screens, file transfers, audio and video chats, and so much more.

Some TeamViewer features are considered extreme and not a good fit for everyone. Most submissives who approach me for TeamViewer domination prefer more benign controls like having me post on their social media accounts to humiliate them, send humiliating e-mails to people they know, transfer files from their device to mine, mess up the organization of their files, change the theme of their Windows session from simple to all pink with matching kinky icons and a dick cursor, opening PornHub to make them watch a video of my choosing, and a lot more.

Once in a blue moon, a finsub or a paypig asks me to log in to his finance app or website account then transfer money from his account to mine while we are connected via TeamViewer. Some of them let me decide how much to send while most prefer slow drains until their account has zero balance.

Salfeld is a parental control software. The left sidebar of the Salfeld portal have very self-explanatory features.

“Device Limit” allows me to control how long and when the submissive can use his device. In that tab, I can edit the settings for device access time limits, blocked times, break intervals, TANs, and so on. I can allow the submissive to always have access to specific apps or websites he needs unrestricted access to such as those related to work or school. I can set blocked times to sleep hours and ensure the submissive will be asleep and not using his computer.

“Web Filter”, if turned on, can be either in Blacklist Mode (blocks sites based on selected categories) or Whitelist Mode (allow sites from a defined list). One of the options in this tab is allowing or blocking websites based on age rating. Porn sites are blocked for 99% of the submissives that ask me for takeovers.

“Programs” can be turned on or off. Here, I can assign installed apps into different groups and each group can have different settings for blocking, time limits, blocked times, etc. Similar to the previous tab, this tab offers an option to allow or block based on age rating. This is very useful when the submissive is addicted to using certain apps like games.

The “Screenshots” tab shows what it says on the tin. I can set this on or off and at what intervals. A gallery of screenshots of the submissive’s screen is shown here. The web and app filters work wonders but there’s no harm in checking screenshots. Sometimes, I catch my submissives watching sexually suggestive livestreams on Twitch. I punish that by blocking Twitch for a week and setting more restrictive blocked times and time limits.

“Security” deals with more advanced settings like disabling Windows commands and hiding drives. I rarely meet a submissive willing to have very restrictive settings in this tab. Disabling Windows commands can guarantee the submissive won’t fiddle with his computer to lift his restrictions.

“Email Report” is just a tab for enabling reports to be sent to the registered e-mail. I turn this off because the reports in the portal are better and have more details.

“Reports” shows periodical reports related to the configured settings.

“Settings” is where I can find information about the Salfeld account and get access to account management settings such as password or e-mail address changes. Other software front-end settings can also be found here.

“Tan vouchers” is the tab where I can create TANs which are time vouchers in number codes which the submissive can use to have device access for the duration of the TAN I set.

“Sync” is an important tab because it ensures Salfeld is running correctly in the submissive’s device.

“Logout” will log me out of my account.

The features of TeamViewer and Salfeld complement each other well. They help me maintain ownership and control of submissives’ devices. What’s even better is these two software both have free versions that include features necessary for computer takeovers.

These are my steps for using TeamViewer to take over a submissive’s Windows computer.

Ask the submissive for his TeamViewer’s ID and password. I send him a link to the TeamViewer download page if he doesn’t have it installed yet.

Input the submissive’s ID and password to connect to his computer.

On his TeamViewer window’s menu, I click on “Extras”. That will open a dropdown menu.

I click on “Options” from the dropdown menu. TeamViewer calls it “Options” but it’s what most of us would refer to as settings.

The “Options” window opens to show the “General” tab by default. In this tab, I check the box “Start TeamViewer with Windows”. TeamViewer will run at startup which means TeamViewer will open as soon as the computer is on.

Still on the “General” tab, I assign the submissive’s TeamViewer to my own TeamViewer account for remote access and control. The submissive’s account will be assigned to mine after I verify the assignment.

I move to the “Advanced” tab and click on “Show advanced options”. I scroll down a bit and set my “Personal password”. I can use this password instead of the submissive’s remote control password to connect to his computer via TeamViewer. This way, I don’t need him to tell me the remote control password. It’s more convenient to connect to him if I have my own password.

I scroll down again. I check the box labeled “Disable TeamViewer shutdown”. What this does is ensure TeamViewer will always be running when the computer is on. Remember how I set it to run at startup? Now, it won’t stop unless the computer is off. Basically, TeamViewer will be running as long as the computer is on.

I scroll down to the next section to check the box “Changes requires administrative rights on this computer”. This means only users with “Administrator” accounts can make changes to TeamViewer’s settings.

“But the submissive is the Administrator!!!”, you say. My reply is, “He won’t be an ‘Administrator’ anymore”. Cue evil laugh!

Keep reading before you get too excited. Haha. Below the checkbox is another input area for a password. This will be my “Options Password”. Setting this password will stop the submissive from editing “Options”. The “Options Password” has to be submitted to get access to Options. Since I plan to be the only one who knows what the “Options Password” is, only I can access it.

The submissive can still uninstall TeamViewer and all the changes I edited will go to waste unless he becomes a “Standard user” and I become the one and only “Administrator”.

This step will vary depending on the OS. I’ll create a password-protected “Administrator” account for myself and then set the rest of the accounts to “Standard user”.

I reboot the submissive’s computer.

I wait for a few minutes for his computer to be ready. I will connect via TeamViewer using my “Personal Password”.

I will log in to my “Administrator” account only to test if my account’s password works then I log out immediately. I shouldn’t risk forgetting to logout and have all that work reset by the submissive.

I login to the submissive’s “Standard user” account. Submissives tell me their Windows password 90% of the time. Other submissives prefer to keep their passwords a secret but they all login when I tell them to.

Last step is installing Salfeld. Salfeld is downloaded as a file named with a generic setup.exe. This is very straightforward. I’m the “parent” and the submissive is the one getting controlled.

Salfeld will be installed with its default settings. I prefer showing the submissive how I add Salfeld restrictions to his Windows session. It’s good if the submissive has resolve in surrendering control of his computer to me. I always tell them before I begin that he can always quit if he feels overwhelmed by the amount of control I’m getting. I explain to them all of my actions as I work on taking over their computer. It titillates them to be aware of how much more in control I’m becoming. Other ways for me to own the submissive’s computer is to customize the color theme, wallpaper, mouse arrow cursor, desktop icons, user account pictures, user account names, and screensaver.

A computer takeover is one of the numerous ways dominants like me can control submissives. It requires a high level of trust. No matter how many times I get a “Yes, Goddess!!!” from my submissives, I always remind myself of my golden BDSM caveat. “Submissives surrendered themselves to me, with the caveat that they will be safe.”. I’m an ethical Domme. I’m not interested in ruining the lives of others in a non-kinky way. My submissives realize early on that I’m not the type who would blindside them.

I highly advise submissives to cautious. Don’t go around posting your TeamViewer IDs and passwords online. A lot can go wrong if a bad person gains access to your accounts. You’re letting yourself be vulnerable and there are people who would take advantage of that. Please, be careful and stay safe.

I hope you share what I wrote if you enjoyed reading it. I’d be very happy if you mention me or my website if ever you do share anything new you learned from me. Thank you in advance!

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Goddess Marple's Kinks - Degradation
Many relationships between Dommes and submissives are healthy, happy, and long-lasting. When done right, degradation can help strengthen D/s relationships. Degrading the submissive is something I enjoy doing on occasion. I set rules to ensure a satisfying experience for me and my submissives.

Humiliation is about embarrassing the submissive. It doesn’t always involve degradation. For example, make fun of submissives in front of other people. I can have them wear nothing but a sock on their cocks to make fun of them.

Degradation is when I dehumanize submissives by treating them as less than human. I relegate them to an object-like or animal-like existence. I can do it by spitting in their faces, for example. Verbal abuse, like shouting insults at them, is also a form of degradation. That may sound too extreme for most people, which is why limits must be set. I don’t go beyond my submissives’ limits. I try my best to get them to tell me their limits.

I don’t degrade all submissives. I need to know what my submissives want first to help me determine how I should interact with them in the future. I prefer dominating a submissive in a way that we both enjoy. It’s easier for me when I know them well because I know their limits and triggers. It allows me to tailor the degradation to them and make it more personal.

Examples of Verbal Degradation
1. Bitch
2. Slut
3. Whore
4. Slave
5. Pig
6. Dirty

There’s a fine line between consensual play and consensual non-consent. I’ve met some submissives who thought they didn’t have limits and they could consent to everything. Later on, they realize they do have limits. Some submissives are unsure how to say their safe word for fear of disappointing me. I check in on them from time to time. A simple “How are you?” goes a long way. I gauge their feelings without breaking the fantasy of consensual non-consent.

Examples of Messy Degradation
1. Biting
2. Spitting
3. Peeing
4. Scratching
5. Hair pulling

I’m very critical when I degrade submissives. I understand how my actions can have negative consequences for them. I encourage exploration of different D/s dynamics, but I always make sure it’s within our comfort zone. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
Goddess Marple's Kinks - Edging, tease, denial, orgasm control, JOI, and CEI
Controlling someone’s orgasm is very empowering. I love having a man at my feet, worshipping me, while I use him any way I want. My favorite way to control the orgasms of submissives is by edging them. Edging is when I stimulate submissives until they’re on the brink of an orgasm. I do it through various forms of teasing, denial, and JOI (Jerk Off Instructions). For example, if I wanted to edge a submissive, I would start by teasing him until he started to get hard. Then I’d stop and let him rest for a few minutes. Stopping him will not only frustrate him. It will also drive him to desperation for his sweet release. After a little bit of time has passed, I’d continue with JOI. As he got close to cumming, I’d make him slow down. I’ll continue edging him until I’m satisfied that he deserves to cum.

Edging is an excellent form of teasing because it involves a lot of anticipation. When I edge someone, I give them something good to look forward to without actually letting them have it yet. It’s also convenient because I don’t need any special toys or equipment.

Sometimes, I edge submissives only to deny their orgasms. I don’t allow them to cum. I allow them to cum after a denial if they’re so desperate and beg me in a way I find hilarious. Most of the time, submissives make me laugh at how desperate they are when they beg me to allow them to cum.

It’s hot when submissives do exactly what I tell them to do. “Stroke your cock” seems to be their favorite instruction. I give them more than “do this” instructions. I also describe sensations and suggest titillating scenarios. Sometimes I also add other kinks, such as humiliation.

Submissive men tend to focus on stroking their cocks. They treat their cocks like a cow’s nipple they’re trying to milk. I help elevate their senses by giving them JOI that caters to all their erogenous zones. Any part of the body can be an erogenous zone. Based on my experience, the nipples, balls, or assholes are usually second to the cocks. Playing with these other body parts can enhance the orgasms.

CEI or cum eating instructions, are a fun way to humiliate a submissive. It allows me to control them even after their release. I’ve made submissives eat and swallow their own cum from a wide variety of containers. I allow newbies to mix their own cum with food or a drink to dilute the taste of their cum. I reward them if they do it without hesitation.

The activities I’ve discussed are best done together. I can do them one at a time, but incorporating them together is better. There are many variables involved. A person’s turn-ons are almost as unique to them as their fingerprints.

Submissives enjoy telling me all about how horny they are. It’s very easy to edge out extroverted submissives. After years of doing this, I’ve learned how to predict what would drive a specific submissive over the edge.


“Der liebe Gott steckt im Detail.”

“The devil [sic] is in the details.”
Goddess Marple's Kinks - Toilet Play
In BDSM, there’s a captivating and often misunderstood facet known as toilet play. This provocative and boundary-pushing exploration involves the incorporation of bodily fluids, such as urine and feces, into the play session. While it may seem unconventional to some, toilet play can be a deeply empowering and arousing experience for those who willingly embrace its alluring nature. I’ll delve into the intricacies of toilet play to try and shed light on its diverse activities and emphasize the importance of consensual exploration within the realm of BDSM.

One of the captivating activities within toilet play is the practice of golden showers. This particular fetish involves the act of a dominant partner urinating on a submissive, symbolizing a transfer of power and the submissive’s surrender to their dominant counterpart. The intimate act of being showered in warm, golden streams can elicit feelings of vulnerability, submission, and intense arousal. It is important to stress that engaging in golden showers requires thorough communication, trust, and adherence to proper hygiene practices to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved.

Another element of toilet play is scat play, which involves the incorporation of feces into various acts of submission. This practice can manifest in different forms, such as smearing, consuming, or utilizing feces within the dynamics of power exchange. It is crucial to approach scat play with the utmost care, emphasizing hygiene, consent, and open communication between all participants. Engaging in scat play requires individuals to have a comprehensive understanding of their boundaries, preferences, and physical limitations to ensure a consensual and safe exploration of this highly controversial fetish.

Toilet play, with its inherently taboo nature, allows submissives to explore the depths of their desires, embracing their “nasty” side in a consensual and controlled environment. For instance, I have ordered some submissives to place their excrement in their refrigerators. That symbolizes a relinquishment of control and the deepening of their submissive mindset. It can evoke intense emotions and a heightened sense of vulnerability, ultimately strengthening the bond between me and my submissives.

I sometimes encourage submissives to engage in public humiliation scenarios involving urination or defecation. These activities may involve, for instance, instructing a submissive to urinate or defecate in their pants outside their workplace, creating an exhilarating blend of sensations and heightened submission. It is of utmost importance to approach public activities within legal boundaries, with consent from all parties involved, and with careful consideration for the well-being and comfort of the submissive.

Toilet play, within the realm of BDSM, offers a unique avenue for exploration where the boundaries of desire and submission are pushed to new depths. Engaging in activities such as golden showers, scat play, and embracing public humiliation requires a foundation of trust, communication, and respect between all parties involved. It is imperative to prioritize safety, hygiene, and consent throughout any exploration within toilet play or any other aspect of BDSM. By fostering an environment of open communication, trust, and mutual respect, individuals can embark on a journey of erotic liberation, discovering the vast possibilities and depths that toilet play has to offer within the realm of BDSM.
Goddess Marple's Kinks - Consensual Exposure
It’s easy to get lost on the Internet. It’s always changing, and it’s hard to tell what you’ll find when you look for something. The internet is a wild and unpredictable place. You can find anything, anywhere, on it. There are no rules, no boundaries, and no limits to what you can find out about someone or something. What if someone saw your most intimate moments? Would you be happy? Do you want me to expose you online?

Submissives want me to expose them online because they want attention and validation. Most of them are exhibitionists. They submit themselves for the sake of getting attention and feeling loved. They find it gratifying when others watch them. They enjoy seeing how much pleasure others derive from watching them naked or bound up.

It’s easier for me to expose you if you are already involved in the BDSM community. It’s where you can find other submissives and dominants and discuss your experiences. I can use an online platform where people post their images and videos or offer NSFW content. The best way to do this is by using an online BDSM or kink community that already has a large following. I can also use a forum or discussion board, which are also good venues for online exposure.

The submissives who seek online exposure don’t expect to get abused or harassed. It’s a given that they will receive negative comments from the public. But, that’s not what they are seeking in the first place. They are looking for validation, support, and encouragement from their fans.

Once I start exposing you online, there will be people who will try to shame you for it. They may be anonymous, and some may even try to make fun of your decision. This is very common. Exposure comes with risks and responsibilities.

If it’s your first time, I recommend you read up on consent. Please do that before I expose you on social media platforms like Twitter or Reddit. I can take care of the privacy settings so that only certain people can find your content.

Your consent implies that you are choosing to allow me to expose you. Don’t confuse consent with approval or endorsement. It is not a request or a command. You can withdraw your consent at any time, and I’ll always respect your decision. Consent is a tool to ensure that we both have fun.

Your consent tells me if you want something specific to happen. It does not guarantee the likelihood of the success of what you consent to. Your consent also means you’re comfortable with what’s about to happen between us. I won’t pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do.

So, are you ready for me to expose you online? If so, there are some things you need to consider before I put your kinks on display. This is a big decision. If you’re thinking about doing it, you need to do some research first.

There are many benefits to being a public exhibitionist. It can be a great way to express yourself and build your confidence. Yet, there are also risks involved with being visible online. There are ethical questions you should ask yourself about why and how you want it.

Do you want strangers from around the world to see everything from your bedroom window? Do you want them to comment on what they see? Do you want them to share their own stories about what happened when they saw it? The answer will depend on what makes sense for you. It’s something worth considering before you share anything with me.

The decision to take part in consensual exposure is one of the most personal decisions you can make. It involves exploring your sexuality and your relationship with yourself.

I hope I helped you understand consensual exposure better and decide if it’s something you want to do. Your safety should always be your first priority. If anything feels uncomfortable or unsafe, inform me immediately. Talk to me so I can help you navigate through this.
Goddess Marple's Kinks - Consensual Blackmail
Consensual blackmail is a unique practice that involves a consensual role-play scenario where one person willingly participates by exchanging compromising or embarrassing information with another person, often a dominant partner. The individual being “blackmailed” gives their consent for the release of private photographs or personal secrets, deriving pleasure from the experience of being controlled and dominated.

It’s important to note that consensual blackmail is a practice that requires careful consideration due to the sensitive nature of the information involved. It must always be approached responsibly to avoid any harm. It is crucial to distinguish consensual blackmail from illegal and morally wrong forms of blackmail, which should never occur without consent.

Individuals who engage in consensual blackmail often do so to explore power dynamics and submission. Some people find the thrill of dominating and controlling others to be exhilarating, while others may relish the vulnerability that results from disclosing sensitive information.

In certain cases, consensual blackmail may involve the establishment of a “contract” between the dominant and submissive parties. This contract outlines the terms and conditions of the information exchange, including the duration of the arrangement, the specific information to be shared, and any boundaries or limitations that must be respected.

While consensual blackmail can be an exciting and consensual experience for some individuals, it is crucial to approach it with care and mindfulness. Both parties must fully comprehend and consent to the terms of the arrangement, emphasizing clear communication to ensure the avoidance of harm or violation.

It is important to emphasize that engaging in consensual blackmail does not grant the dominant party the right to abuse or mistreat the submissive. Both parties must consent to the terms of the arrangement and any activities or behaviors that may occur during the exchange.

If you are interested in exploring consensual blackmail, I am available to guide you through the process responsibly and safely. It is vital for us to discuss any concerns or boundaries you may have, ensuring that the experience is enjoyable and consensual for both of us.

In my practice of engaging in consensual blackmail with submissive individuals online, I utilize various techniques and tools. Here are some examples of how I approach it:

Role-playing: Through role-playing scenarios, I create a consensual and immersive experience where I assume the role of possessing compromising information about the submissive. This role-play allows for the exploration of vulnerability and control in a safe and consensual manner.

Online monitoring: With the explicit consent of the submissive, I may request access to their email, social media accounts, or other online accounts. This allows me to monitor their activities within the agreed-upon boundaries, ensuring trust and collecting information that could be utilized for future consensual blackmail scenarios.

Psychological pressure: It is important to note that actual threats or non-consensual actions are strictly prohibited in consensual blackmail. Instead, I may employ psychological pressure techniques, such as the use of controlled fear or the illusion of exposure or public humiliation, to create a heightened sense of control within the submissive’s boundaries and comfort levels.

Contracts: Before engaging in any consensual blackmail activities, I may ask the submissive to sign a consensual blackmail contract. This contract serves as a mutual agreement, clearly outlining the terms, expectations, and boundaries of our arrangement. It ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of the rules and provides a foundation for trust and communication.

These techniques and tools are employed within the context of consensual BDSM and are designed to create a consensual and fulfilling experience for both parties involved. Clear communication, mutual consent, and respect for boundaries are essential throughout the entire process.

Please keep in mind that consensual blackmail is a complex and specific aspect of BDSM that may not be suitable for everyone. It requires a deep understanding of trust, boundaries, and communication. If you are genuinely interested in exploring this kink, I highly recommend seeking out a professional with experience and expertise in consensual blackmail. A knowledgeable practitioner can guide you through the process, help establish clear boundaries, and provide the necessary support to ensure a positive and consensual encounter.

Consensual blackmail is a highly personal and intense experience, and it is important to prioritize safety, trust, and consent throughout the entire journey. Open and honest communication before, during, and after the experience is crucial to ensuring that both parties are comfortable, respected, and satisfied.

It is essential to emphasize that consensual blackmail is not for everyone. It is a niche kink that appeals to individuals who have a specific interest in power dynamics and exploring the boundaries of control and submission. Those who are genuinely interested and willing to delve into this kink can find it to be a powerful and rewarding experience.

However, it is crucial to reiterate that communication, consent, and trust are of paramount importance in any consensual BDSM activity, including consensual blackmail. Establishing and respecting clear boundaries and engaging in ongoing communication are key to ensuring a safe and consensual experience.

If you are considering exploring consensual blackmail, it is highly recommended that you seek out a professional with experience and expertise in the field. An experienced practitioner can guide you through the process, help you establish clear boundaries, and provide the necessary support to ensure a positive and consensual encounter.

Remember, the key to a successful and enjoyable consensual blackmail experience lies in mutual understanding, trust, and respect. Prioritizing safety and consent allows for the exploration of power dynamics in a controlled and consensual manner.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss consensual blackmail in more detail, please feel free to reach out. I am here to provide information, guidance, and support in a friendly and professional manner.

Please note that I respect your privacy and confidentiality, and any information shared will be treated with the utmost discretion and respect.
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