GoddessMarple is a natural Domme

I was hesitant to reach out to GoddessMarple because I have had so many Mommy Dommes that always had their hand in my back pocket. Mommy Domming always turned into FinDom. Which I absolutely didn’t want. GoddessMarple is the best Mommy Domme I have ever had. She is very professional. She interviewed me and drafted a contract setting our boundaries, including FinDom. She has never ever once asked me for more money than what was negotiated in our contract. GoddessMarple is a natural Domme, She truly takes great joy in taking control. And she does it masterfully. I have had weight and drinking problems for over 2 decades and no one successfully helped me. GoddessMarple is the only person that has successfully helped me to lose weight, significantly reduce drinking and modify my behavior to enforce a healthy lifestyle. She masterfully mixed in my kink with life coaching. GoddessMarple genuinely cares about building a healthy and rewarding relationship with all her subs.

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