I revel in surrendering this power to her

Mommy has assumed control over my computer activities, implementing restrictions using Salfeld software. She began by imposing a strict white list mode, permitting access only to the websites she has approved. Fortunately, she has been accommodating with my requests to unlock certain websites, though she monitors my online activities closely. One notable change is the prohibition of adult content.

She plans to introduce additional restrictions, including limitations on the time and days when I can access certain websites. These upcoming surprises are eagerly anticipated, as they align with my desires for submission.

Currently, there are no restrictions on my computer usage time or duration, as per my preferences. I’m grateful that Mommy respects my boundaries in this regard, although she occasionally tests the boundaries when there are none explicitly set.

Recognizing my ability to deactivate Salfeld in Safe Mode as the Windows session administrator, Mommy has rightfully assumed sole administrative control over my computer. She employs TeamViewer to connect to my system, with a rule that I may not use the mouse and keyboard without her consent. She has set up permanent access for herself on TeamViewer, disabled shutdown options, and secured the access settings with a password, ensuring she can connect at will.

The next step in her dominance involved creating her own Windows admin account, relegating me to a standard user role. This transition was exhilarating, and she meticulously configured the settings before rebooting the computer, establishing her complete control. Going forward, I will rely on her assistance for tasks such as driver installations and software additions, a prospect that excites me. She has also agreed to adjust my user privileges as needed, giving her further control over my system through advanced Windows configurations.

With her newfound authority, she has comprehensive insight into my computer activities, and I revel in surrendering this power to her. This is just the beginning of our journey, and I’m sincerely thankful for what lies ahead.

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